Here’s a video of me testing the hip actuation while walking with the walker:

This is a video from the testing I mentioned in my previous post. The thoughts for improvement from that post still apply.

The main thing that I’m focusing on right now is improving the rigidity, positioning, and torque of the hip motor through a more structured attachment to the upper body. As I mentioned in the last post, I’m leaning toward a rigid frame that extends from the shoulders down to the lower back and attaches to the leg portion of the device. Sort of like an external frame backpack. Having that more stable structure will then allow for moving on to affixing the knee motor and a foot support/spring actuator w/o worrying as much about the weight of those features.

For the back frame, I’ve been exploring using PVC tubing or 80/20 stock for mocking up the structure in order to iterate quickly through different dimensions and configurations.

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