Project Outline/Basics

This exoskeleton will be a lower limb powered exoskeleton with the following details:

  • Only the right leg will be powered and the left leg will be free to work on it’s own. Going to try this approach first because, in my Mom’s case, the right leg is drastically weaker than the right to the point of perhaps being able to use the left legs natural motoring abilities for walking if the right leg is supported and assisted. Not sure how this is going to pan out in practice as it might add additional challenges to balancing because of the weight differences.
  • Using 12 volt linear actuators to articulate hip and knee joints
  • Using a force sensor on the heel of the right foot to sense the intention of stepping with the right leg
  • Using an Arduino for the microcontroller to control the system
  • Using aluminum square tubing for the frame of the exoskeleton (might need to upgrade this to something stronger for extended practical use down the road)
  • Using a custom h bridge motor controller to controller the linear actuators from the motor. Using this great work as the basis for the motor controller:

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