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Transforming the world for an exponentially better future!

OpenExO is a global transformation ecosystem working with organizations, institutions and leaders all around the world to empower themselves to evolve for the age of exponential technologies.

Exponential Organizations, the best seller co authored by Salim Ismail, describes the way that current organizations are making their business achieve 10x results by connecting to abundance. These organisation’s manage abundance, leveraging the ExO Attributes, which are a set of exponential technologies and new organizational techniques.

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Today organizations, public institutions, leaders and entrepreneurs are embracing the ExO model to take themselves to the next level.

If you want to become officially certified and join our global OpenExO ecosystem to provide services to either our or your own clients, just apply below to the program that best suits you!

Certified ExO Consultant

You will be able to provide consulting services inside and outside of our ExO Marketplace on the Exponential Organization model.

Content: The program is focused on a deep dive into the ExO Attributes and applying those to real organizations.

Format: A 5-day online course.

You can offer your own consulting services to your clients on how to apply the ExO Attributes to specific organizations or projects to make them exponentially scalable.

No payment is required until you are accepted into the certification.