OpenExO is a Global Transformation Ecosystem helping organizations, institutions and people to transform and unlock abundance.


Obtain your certificate to deliver ExO services and start transforming the world for a better future


ExO Certifications give you a disruptive advantage 


Become a disruptive innovation specialist

Help your clients deal with the accelerating disruption their industries face and stand out from your competition


Apply cutting-edge transformation services

Support your clients in transforming their organizations and help them define the future of their industries


Unlock new revenue streams

Access innovation transformation methodologies and software support tools to increase your value in the market and explore new revenue streams


Access the exclusive OpenExO Marketplace

Discover unique transformation opportunities and help other professionals move their projects forward or find specialists to help you with your own projects


The ExO Certification Journey


ExO Foundations

Get started by learning the foundations of the ExO Model and unlock access to our marketplace to exchange knowledge and participate in ExO projects.

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ExO Consultant

Master the ExO model and get access to the Exponential Quotient Assessment, helping your clients to score themselves and identify where the biggest opportunities for exponential growth lie.

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ExO Sprint Coach

Take your knowledge to the next level and become a leader in the ExO Sprint transformation process in order to run ExO Sprints for your clients with the help of online tools and content.


 Who should get ExO certified?


Established Freelance

Provide additional services to your client base on innovation strategy and disruption and link your brand with the ExO Model to obtain external credibility

Internal Organizational 

If you work for a large organization looking to transform, the ExO Certifications will help you develop the capabilities you need to make this change happen from within

Innovation and 
Strategy Consultants

If you work for a mid-size to large consulting company, add ExO services to your portfolio and benefit from a large community of entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and thought-leaders to fuel your further growth


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