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OpenExO Consultant Certification

Change has never been as intense and fast as it is today. Previous industrial revolutions were driven by 1-2 technologies, today we  are experiencing more than 10 happening all at the same time - Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Blockchain and others are all exponential technologies shaping the future of our world today.

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Exponential Organizations (ExOs) are purpose-driven entities that leverage new exponential technologies and a set of common organizational attributes that allow them to get be 10x better, faster and cheaper than traditional organizations.

The ExO methodology is becoming the new standard that thousands of companies and institutions around the world are implementing to evolve for the age of exponential technologies.

Do you want to become a certified ExO Consultant?

OpenExO is the global ExO transformation ecosystem working with organizations, institutions and leaders all around the world to evolve for the age of exponential technologies.

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The OpenExO Ecosystem is the playground where thousands of ExO practitioners of every type (thought leaders, innovation consultants, coaches, disruption specialists, startup founders and tech industry gurus) gather to solve strategic transformation challenges.

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We partner with ExO entities, accelerators, incubators, tech companies and technology specialists (artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented & virtual reality, 3D printing, biotechnology, robotics, drones and more) to help our ExO practitioners to bring the best value to their clients on top of the ExO Model.

Why become a certified ExO practitioner?

We are living in extraordinary times, offering the most extraordinary opportunities. We will create more wealth in the next decade than we have created in the past century. A complete restructuring of organizations and institutions is required.

Learn the ExO methodology to help your clients navigate the disruption caused by the age of exponential technologies and to leverage the new opportunities that these are bringing.


Exponential Organizations, the best-seller co authored by Salim Ismail, describes the way that current organizations are making their business achieve 10x results by connecting to abundance and leveraging the ExO Attributes.


Exponential Transformation, co authored by Salim Ismail and Francisco Palao, describes how existing organizations can evolve to become Exponential Organizations by running the 10-week ExO Sprint process.


The certification ExO Consultant program will allow you to provide consulting services on how to apply the ExO Attributes to specific organizations or projects to make them exponentially scalable.

Who should apply for this certification programs?

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How Does the Application Process Work?

The first step is making the decision to update yourself to transform the world for a better future. Once you apply, you should hear back from us within a week of submitting about whether your application is accepted.

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What have business leaders said about the ExO Methodology?

“I have found ExO to be extremely valuable. I’ve made the book required reading for senior management and we are implementing many of its principles.”

Paul Polman | CEO, Unilever

“If you are not already in the business of doing ExO Sprints and experimenting then you’re halfway to being disrupted already.”

Tony Saldanha | VP, IT and Global Business Services, P&G

“We were in the perfect place to be disrupted but didn’t know where to begin. The ExO Sprint was the answer. It completely transformed our culture, breaking down boundaries and opening a whole new world of innovation. It prompted us to make the best of ourselves.”

Francisco Casanueva | CEO, INTERprotección

“I’ve been involved as a Coach in three ExO Sprints. I can tell you the methodology delivers.”

Augusto Fazioli | Partner, Business Integration Partners

“The ExO Sprint changed how we think and how we look at innovation. It’s really very different from all the innovation we’ve done up until now, and we’ve done a lot. It has definitely yielded new opportunities.”

Aviv Hassidov | ExO Sprint Participant, HP Inc.

What are you getting from this certification program?

  • Official certification as ExO Consultant

  • Deep training on the ExO Methodology focused on the ExO Attributes

  • Join the OpenExO Ecosystem

  • Access to the OpenExO Ecosystem marketplace

  • Downloadable toolkits & PDFs to keep for life.

  • A copy of the ‘Exponential Organizations’ book.

  • A copy of the ‘Exponential Transformation book.

PRICE: $1,500 USD

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