Senior Front-End Developer


Who is the ideal candidate?

We want a person to join our team who values:

  • Working in/as a team.

  • The company culture

We’re not looking for:

  • a ninja / hacker / crack / super-mega-hyper expert in the lastest hyped technology

As to technical skills:

  • Minimum experience with Javascript of 3-4 years. Our stack is based on Angular. If you master it we value that positively, but if you are used to working with any modern framework it won’t be a problem for the team

  • Knowledge of Testing. Understanding technologies such as Karma, Selenium, Protractor, puppeteer, Jest or Cypress will be valued.

  • You value a good HTML / CSS layout

  • Experience in an Agile environment

Besides this, it would be great if you also know:

  • How to implement a design system

  • Redux architectures, functional and reactive programming

  • Webpack

  • Custom elements

  • Clean code, SOLID, KISS, dev-ops

Finally, English is the company’s working language. We don’t need you to be Shakespeare, but you should be able to defend yourself.

What can we offer you?

  • Our office is located within walking distance of the city center in sunny Granada, Spain, although our team is spread all around the world. Once your on-boarding is done, there is no problem with partially work in remote. If you don’t know Granada, do a quick Google search and we think you’ll love it.

  • A work environment in which we seek continuous improvement and personal development is encouraged (training is encouraged, attendance at events, etc.). Also a great team culture and outside of work social activities as well as a kitchen full of goodies

  • We think that the relationship between workers and a company should be based on honesty and transparency and since salary is a critical issue, the salary range we are considering is between € 24,000 and € 36,000 according to your experience.

What should you expect in the hiring process?

Send us your CV, LinkedIn / Github profile or any document that you think represents you.

From here, several steps are defined as the hiring process progresses:

  1. If we think you are the right fit for the profile, we will do a quick interview (15-20 min maximum). If needed this can be through videoconference.

  2. We will send you a small technical test that you can solve at home without pressure.

  3. You will have a small interview (15-20 min) with the team you are going to work with. We think it is important that there is a personal fit.

  4. We will make you the best job offer we can for your profile.

  5. We will ask for feedback to improve our future selection processes.


  • Dedication: Full-time.

  • Place of work: Granada (Spain) with possibility of working remotely.

  • Travel flexibility needed: some travel will be required.


Send your CV, LinkedIn/Github profile or anything you think can help us to know if you are a good fit to