OpenExO is a Global Transformation Ecosystem helping organizations, institutions and people to transform and unlock abundance.

Webinar: from the Lean Startup to the Exponential Organization (ExO)

24 September 2019, 12:00 PM PST


What’s the next big thing after the Lean Startup?

The Exponential Organization! A new paradigm that is transforming businesses globally. 

If you are an innovation consultant/coach or a leader trying to transform your organization, join this webinar and discover the ExO Model: the attributes and practices that leverage exponential technologies to unlock abundance and create organizations with a purpose and global reach.

You will also be able to join OpenExO, the global transformation ecosystem with more than 1,800 purpose-driven  consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders helping organizations and institutions to transform themselves to become exponential organizations.

Last but not least, you will get to know how the ExO Movement partially emerged from the Lean Startup community and,  now, you can be a part of it!




Salim Ismail

Co-founder and Chairman at OpenExO

Founding member of Singularity University, board member at Prize Foundation and keynote speaker, Salim is a leading technology strategist who launched the global ExO movement with his bestselling book Exponentials Organizations.


Tristan Kromer

Innovation Coach and Founder at Kromatic

Tristan is an innovation coach who helps teams improve their product and business models by applying lean principles through experiment and research. He helps early stage startups as a volunteer for Lean Startup Circle and is the founder of Kromatic, where he coaches larger companies and governments and helps design innovation ecosystems together with his team.


Francisco Palao

CEO at OpenExO

Co-author of the ExO Sprint and main author of the Exponential Transformation book, Francisco is an award-winning innovator who has inspired and advised organizations around the world to design and implement disruptive innovation strategies for various industries.


Corina Almagro

ExO Certified Coach and Trainer

Corina brings more than 3 years of ExO coaching practice in different industries and company sizes. Prior to ExO, she drove the HP PC business transformation, which provided her with a deep understanding of how organizations work and the internal challenges they face when it comes to innovation and disruption.


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