I received an email from a builder named Klaus in Germany letting me know he is in the process of building a DIY Exoskeleton that he also plans to open source. How cool!

His Youtube account is Arduino67069 and here’s a video he put up:

Here is a description of his approach from his email:

My solution is also open source and quite similar to yours: Rolling walker as basis, Arduino-controlled, wiper motor supports hip flexor.
The motor is attached to a plywood harness though hanging on a back-pack.

Excellent! I’ve been thinking more about offloading more of the weight and bulk of the motor away from the hip and abdominal area to make it more comfortable and less likely to bind so I’m psyched to see how he makes out using the backpack and plywood mount.

Mike, a commenter on this post about the hip brace, also has the goal of an open source exoskeleton. He’s looking to have it be water submersible so it can be used during aquatic therapy as well as in bathing and showering. Pretty awesome!

It’s encouraging and energizing to know there is shared interest and work in this area. I’m excited for what the future will bring. Or rather what we will bring to the future :-)

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  1. The video you embedded doesn’t seem to exist.
    I think it’s meant to be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkNABai39Ps

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